If you enjoy my photographs you can now order many of them as cards. That’s not limited tot he ones listed here (more every day). I encourage you to explore the links in the card descriptions or browse the entire blog (archives in the footer), feel free to ask me if something is suitable for a card. These cards get printed when you order them, and they will be sent to you by the printer, I’d say about 7 -10 business days will go by, or fewer, depending on how it works out. Order by December 8th to get things before Christmas, unless you wish to pay for expedited shipping, in which case you should contact me.

Cards come in singles, as packs of five, and as packs of ten, all of the same card. You can order any card in a larger batch, see below. They are printed without watermarks, though the image on this site will show a watermark, and the crop and coloring may vary some from the online image. I re-edit the images for cards. They can be shipped to USA only. Shipping is included and your order will be shipped directly to you. I hope to offer mixed boxes and worldwide shipping in the future, but that future is in the future as yet.

If you want a larger number of cards (25, 50, 100), note the SKU number (xxxx-xxxxxx) and go to the larger batch item. Custom orders: If you see an image on that you’d like to order but it’s not in the shop, contact me and I’ll make it happen if the file is suitable. It if works I’ll tell you how to order. If you want a text or some other special order, I can do that, too, but the pricing for that is different. Thank you for shopping AgathaO.  Let me know if you have any problems.        —

PS: Finally, there’s this page with disclosures and policies and contact information that govern the AgathaO web shop.