Ordering from AgathaO

Cards and prints are printed without watermarks, though the image on this site will show a watermark. The crop and coloring may vary slightly from the online image. I re-edit the images for cards. Cards can be shipped to USA only. Shipping is included and your order will be shipped directly to you by the printer in 7-10 business days. I hope to offer mixed boxes and worldwide shipping in the future, but that future is in the future as yet. Prints are available in Europe as well. Contact me for pricing.

If you want a larger number of cards (25, 50, 100), note the SKU number (xxxx-xxxxxx) and go to the larger batch item. Custom orders: If you see an image on AgathaO.com that you’d like to order but it’s not in the shop, contact me and I’ll make it happen if the file is suitable. It if works I’ll tell you how to order. If you want a text or some other special order, I can do that, too, but the pricing for that is different. Thank you for shopping AgathaO.  Let me know if you have any problems.        —  Agatha@agathaO.com

PS: Finally, there’s this page with disclosures and policies and contact information that govern the AgathaO web shop.


Contact, Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy

HI — Here’s all the stuff you need to know:

Contact information:

Swift River Press
151 Pleasant/PO Box 41, Plainfield, MA 01070
Or find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/AgathaOPhoto/
You could also look for me on Twitter,: https://twitter.com/AgathaOPhoto 

Terms and conditions

Welcome to my online store. Shopping here means accepting these terms. What we have here are the Yankee rules of egg selling. In other words, I am not a faceless corporation, and neither are you. I am Pleun Bouricius, aka AgathaO, a person who makes and sells things (seller, I). And you are a person who buys them (buyer, you). We both have normal person responsibilities.

Pricing: All product prices include shipping and handling.  They do include a credit card and/or Paypal fee which (I hope I have this right) is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. So, on $10.00, I will pay 59 cents to the credit card company. Yes, I added that into the price.
The prices do not include Massachusetts (6.25%) or any other sales tax. Mass sales tax gets calculated at the end. (I hope/;) I also hope they don’t add it if you don’t live in MA. I certainly clicked the box for it to be so.

Refunds and cancellations:  Say you get your stuff mangled. I’d definitely refund you if it was mangled by the printing company. I mean, something can go wrong, right? You’d hope they wouldn’t send it, but still. Please send me a pic with an explanation. If the mail mangles it, I don’t think so. We know the mail. It does happen. I eat it when the mail mangles the fruitcake Aunt Sally sends to me every year. I don’t ask her to send me a new fruitcake. Actually, that hasn’t happened to me in a long time. If I sell you broken eggs, you get your money back. If you ask me to mail you eggs and the mail breaks ’em, them’s the breaks for you. In any case, refunds are by credit card to the original customer, etc. No exceptions on that.

Okay, say you order and a day later you change your mind. That happens, too. You order and an order goes to a printing company with a small delay. If I can still cancel the order with the printing company, I can give you a refund. I’ll be on it, but no guarantees. I’ll charge you whatever it costs me from the credit card company to do so. How much that is depends on what you ordered. If I can’t cancel it you’re stuck with whatever you ordered. So, if you buy eggs and on your way home you find out you can’t stand eggs and you race back, sure. If you order eggs and I get them together and put them in a carton and send them out, they are your eggs, even if your roommate had bought eggs, too.

Mistakes and typos: What if you ordered 100 instead of 10?  Well, for one thing, you’d notice, wouldn’t you? Still, you might have ordered a box of 10 instead of one card. Please let me know within 2 days. You’re getting a confirmation email, it’s on there. If you bought 2 cartons of eggs instead of one you’d notice right away when I handed them to you. So I am going to treat the confirmation email as me handing you your order. You need to look at it.

Privacy: Yup, I am getting your information. I don’t think I am getting your credit card information, but I am getting your name and email and the shipping info. I mean, how else could I ship? In any case, I am going to keep that in a spreadsheet “customers” on my computer at home. And when I have something to tell you, I’ll send you an email. Unless of course you tell me not to. In which case I won’t. That will be in the spreadsheet, too. That spreadsheet has a password and it is going nowhere and to no one unless I start doing so well I hire someone to handle it. (Hah! That ‘ll be the day.) Then that person gets the password and that person is under orders not to share this spreadsheet. I have a MAC, no one’s getting into it. A backup copy is going to my online backup. Again, password. Besides, who’d want to steal the customer list of this teeeeny shop?

Ownership of copyrights: If I sold you eggs, you couldn’t duplicate them unless you had a pretty fancy egg printer. And they’d taste off I bet. Not up to my usual eggs. Consider my products to be eggs: I made them, and you can’t copy them unless you pay me a fee to rent my chicken. I do license my images so if you want to use one, or more, get in touch! I find you printing my stuff, I will pursue it.

Okay, there are more terms and conditions but this is plenty long. You know eggs wouldn’t be guaranteed if you were to drop them. Same with my stuff. It’s all in the Terms and Conditions  and if you click on it you’ll get a pdf. Standard stuff I plucked off  the internet.

Thank you for visiting my shop