My new book is called The Bog, which probably comes as no surprise to readers of AgathaO.

Like what you see on this blog? Share some of the best of AgathaO with your friends! The Bog is now available for $12.95 (plus s/h and tax of course). In Europe, it’s similarly priced. Click on the front cover to order. COVER THE BOG small

The bog is never the same. Photographer AgathaO and her dog invite the reader along on a month by month journey into the watery world they visit almost every day. The wetland in The Bog has a mind of its own and invites visitors to jump in, get their feet wet, and get into the game of life and death. This collection of meditations on a sodden place in all weathers offers unexpected close-up photographs accompanied by thumbnail studies of our sensual experience of nature. In the manner of Whitman and Thoreau, photographer and essayist Pleun Bouricius, whose alter ego is blogger AgathaO, plays catch and release with the universe in a tiny wilderness, pushing back against our “ick” reaction to the wet, cold, rotting, and crawly. This is a book of months to keep by your bedside and dip into when a storm rages outside, to give to a friend, or to ponder as you go off on your own adventures.

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