Thanks for visiting the world of AgathaO’s. Here you can follow the vagaries of an intrepid and clumsy dame of a certain age who plunges around life and falls in the water a lot. AgathaO enjoys the adventures of the ordinary, likes to fix what’s broken, and has a tendency to trip and drop things. She is accompanied on her adventures by an American Foxhound (we think), name of Buddy. And he is. It’s not quite clear which of the two of them makes more stupid decisions that land them in the water or cover them in mud.

Plus you can buy photographs, cards, and books. and you can tell me if you want something other, for instance a fancy tea cup sporting a ic of  an ice floe (easy: Agatha at AgathaO.com).

So come along and we’ll go  for a hike…


AgathaO is my alter ego and I am Pleun Bouricius, independent historian, writer, editor, photographer, and sometime carpenter. You can hire me for all of those things, as I am one of those people who exists at the intersection of various skills and interests. Plus, I give workshops and mentor in writing, photography, and history. And yes, I am old enough to have oodles of experience in all that, bit not quite so old yet that I am superannuated. Find out about all of that at SwiftRiverPress.com, which I started when I was publishing my first book.

BIO: Pleun Bouricius is the author of the collection, The Bog (2017), principal architect and author of Hidden Walls, Hidden Mills, a series of history/ecology adventures in Plainfield, MA; and the volunteer curator of the Plainfield Historical Society, where she also authored and designed, with Dario Coletta (photography) the 2010 Barns of Plainfield calendar and a bunch of other stuff.

Pleun is also the author of a checkered career: She is one of the founding directors of the Massachusetts History Alliance, until recently she was Director of Grants and Programs at Mass Humanities. She is a contractor and a carpenter; drove a Freightliner Classic around the country for a while; brought the Women, Enterprise, and Society project at Baker Library at Harvard Business School to fruition; and taught history and literature and women’s history for a decade or so at Harvard University. Her undergraduate degree is in history, women’s studies, and photography from Montclair State College, New Jersey; her MA, in English, and PhD, in the History of American Civilization, are from Harvard University.

Pleun was born and raised in Scheveningen, The Netherlands, and lives in Plainfield, Massachusetts with husband Tee O’Sullivan and a dog named Buddy at “three dumps and a swamp”: 24 acres of forested hillside with a mile of stone walls and a bog.

If you want to contact Pleun, email agatha (at) agathaO.com or use the contact form on the website of the Swift River Press.

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