Pictures at an Exhibition

Tomorrow night is the opening of The Bog– the exhibit, at Shaw Memorial Library in Plainfield (details).

The show has been hung. Do books and prints dance around when the library is closed? If so, they have a lot of time to dance in a small town like ours.

It took a wee bit of doing:  figuring out what to exhibit and how large, where to order what kind of frames, ordering them, cleaning the house of dog hair, printing 15 gorgeous 11 x 14 photos (who’d ever imagined in 1986 in the photo lab at Montclair State College, when I first even heard of a very fancy machine that printed color art prints, that you’ be able to simply buy one 30 years later and print after you’d done all your work on the image on a COMPUTER?), cleaning the house of dog hair, framing the prints, cleaning the house of dog hair, re-framing the first four, cleaning the house of dog hair, packaging the lot.

Since that’s what kept me from posting this past month here’s a gallery of the prints in the exhibit. Come and have a look if you can. I may not be this nuts again and spend my time roaming the bog with the hound instead. The beavers are back….

4 thoughts on “Pictures at an Exhibition

  1. Absolutely gorgeous picture prints Pluen, I am so happy n proud of you and your work n have thoroughly enjoyed my book of the Bog as well as my Mom. ENjoy your showing and have a fantastic evening😘🙂

  2. You have a great eye! You should have brought your camera on the road with you. You could have gotten some great shots while you were trucking around the country. Galan

    1. Thank you! The camera was the one thing I thougth I could not carry — you remember how heavy my bag was…. I couldn’t carry it now! I wish we’d had blogging then… xxx

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