I am particularly happy to announce that photographs related to my new collection, The Bog will be displayed at Shaw Memorial Library in Plainfield from September 7 to OCTOBER 21. There will be more than is in the book! The opening is on the 7th, and I hope to see you there.


PS — They will be for sale as well.

Here’s the press release

Shaw Memorial Library
312 Main Street
Plainfield, MA, 01070

Contact Information for this exhibit:
Pleun Bouricius

Soggy, luscious, photographs on display at Shaw Memorial Library

Plainfield, MA (August 14, 2017) Shaw Memorial Library announces a new exhibit: the photographic portrait of a year in the boggy, soggy world of the headwaters of the Swift River by Plainfield resident Pleun Bouricius. It will be open from September 7, 2017 – October 21, 2017.

Join us for the festive opening on September 7, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Bouricius, known as AgathaO, will read from her newly-published collection, The Bog (available on Amazon.com, search for AgathaO). Free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

AgathaO takes the viewer along on a journey into a wetland that has a mind of its own. Her luscious close-ups and dramatic landscapes document her love for Plainfield, exploring the transitional world between the seasons, between wet and dry, and between life and death. The photographer plays catch-and-release with the universe in a tiny wilderness, pushing back against our “ick” reaction to the wet, cold, rotting, and crawly.

AgathaO is the alter ego of Plainfield photographer, essayist, historian, and carpenter Pleun Bouricius, who holds an undergraduate degree in History, Women’s Studies, and Photography from Montclair State University (NJ), and a  Ph.D. in American Studies from Harvard University.

She is the author and designer of The Bog (2017), the website AgathaO.com, as well as the Plainfield Houses (2008)  and Barns (2010) calendars (photographs by Dario Coletta), and the principal architect and author of Hidden Walls, Hidden Mills (2012) a series of history/ecology adventures in Plainfield, MA. Pleun was born and raised in Scheveningen, The Netherlands, and lives on a forested hillside, surrounded by stone walls and a bog, with her husband Tee and Buddy, a curious hound.

The exhibit will run from September 7 until October 21. The library is open Tue. 2-8, Thur. 5-8, and Sat. 9-12. Photographs are available for publication.

For more information, contact Pleun Bouricius, pleunbouricius@gmail.com, 413-634-2250. Find photographs and more information about the collection, The Bog, on AgathaO.com.