Sunset in the Rain

More rain than the rest of May, than April, than April and May together. In half an hour. And me at the open door wishing the lightning to skedaddle so I can go out but no it keeps coming from every direction and I go back to reading a New Yorker article about a writer whose books I bet I could not read because I don’t do particularly well with literary fiction — just like I don’t do very well with complex people who won’t tell you what they mean. Still, she having been a bricklayer for a while sounds pretty interesting but very literary and full of allusions and ambiguities. And then the lightning has moved on enough for me to go out but it is miraculously still raining. I run out into the yellowest sunset I have ever seen to stand in the rain and have excellent rain games like James (“from puddle to puddle we scuddle and jump”*) and then in the shower from the gutter to the rain barrel which is now full to try to catch the rain with the camera. There’s not enough light and everything is  shadowy and wet and glimmery and that is just how it is now.

*James and the Rain by Karla Kuskin (New York: Harper And Brothers, 1960)

2 thoughts on “Sunset in the Rain

  1. I guess you missed the rainbow? Surly you did or you would have mentioned it here. Last evening just after the storm I looked out to the south east and alas there was the most profound rainbow I have ever seen and believe me having spent time in Hawaii I have seen some memorable rainbows,but this one, oh man this one was the best of all. Its width and spread was from east to south and enveloped that whole area. All around the light was a raidiant yellow. It was a very spiritual experience.
    By the way I would love to have a picture of the above apple tree. I would have it mounted and framed. You take some awesome shots and that one is a keeper.

  2. I can try, but real printing is coming though. I am not sure the resolution on that one will allow it but we will see. I have no clue why I could not see the rainbow as I was definitely looking!

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