Little White Flowers

While in my free time I am planting my garden and writing a ponderous blog post about a barn, it is also time for the little white flowers. I once read a mushroom book in which the author referred to a whole class of shrooms as ‘lbm,’ little brown mushrooms. So ‘lwf’ it is. Little white flower time in the spring. Who knows why. Some of them live by themselves and some of them band together into composite flower heads. Some of them are so small you have to put your nose practically on the ground to see them in the woods. A few, wild strawberries and blueberries among them, promise good stuff to come. So picture me on all fours sniffing out lwfs. On second thought, don’t do that just look at the album that is about white. The color, no more. Just check out a Sargent watercolor sometime, like this one at the MFA. To hold you over until the barn materializes.

4 thoughts on “Little White Flowers

  1. It’s good that you stop to smell and photograph the flowers. Buddy has shown you the way. The photos are wonderful. Thank you. Most humans ignore Nature’s amazing “natural technology” which puts the smarty phone and other man-made techno-wonders to shame. Let’s move to another planet after we’ve destroyed this one that we never got to know. Phew! Now I feel better!

  2. Our woods are now carpeted by Canada Mayflower,(Maianhemum canadense)& Starflower (Trientalis borealis) , We also have Dutchman Breeches (Dicentra cucullaria) Lily-of-the-valley along our woodland paths…All white.

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