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Welcome to AgathaO — your hub for shortish essays that take a wry look at the adventures of a somewhat dotty dame of a certain age in her own backyard, photos of the same back yard, and now also cards and books for sale. Soon you will be able to find the kitchen sink at AgathaO and you won’t need Amazon or even LL Bean. (Is that possible?)

For some time, I’ve been working on opening a card and print shop online. Well, the shop is open, although it is still a work in progress. It’s — wait for it —  called “shop” in the top bar. Click on it and explore! Or click here: SHOP.

I promise you that this type of post will remain the exception — I will continue to explore what’s happening around here, but I want to tell you what’s happening as you see the changes on the site.

Right now the shop is focused on holiday and New Year’s cards, but it has regular greeting cards and prints, too. Currently, it may make more sense if you want to order five or more of the same card, like you would do with Christmas or other winter-holiday-type cards. Soon, I’ll also be offering single cards and personalized cards.

Here’s the icing on the cake: I‘ve been at this for almost three years now, and I can make cards of the vast majority of the many hundreds of photos on this site. So if you have a fave, just drop me a line and ask me whether it can be a card. is the shop’s email address. If you know me personally, you’ll also have my own email address. One way to explore the site is to scroll down to the archive in the footer and pick a month. Or you can pick a tag in the tag cloud, either will bring up a bunch of posts for you to look at. And then there’s always the home page with the latest posts:

Creating the articles for the shop is getting me back to the blog posts I did a couple of years ago and that has been fun. I am putting some of the links in the product descriptions, so that is a new way to explore the website as well. Thank you for reading my blog posts and checking out my images.

I recommend my book, a year-long voyage through The Bog, as a holiday gift, by the way. It’s short and sweet and not so expensive. If you live in this neck of the woods you can get it at Booklink in Thorne’s, at The Creamery, or from me. If not, you can order it from the AgathaO shop for $16 (12.95 plus shipping, tax will be worked out at checkout) if it’s okay to have it shipped media snail mail. And I can send you three for  a good deal, too, since they can go in the same package. Or for the same list price from Amazon, which is better if you have Prime. Plus Amazon can do the fancy shipping I am not too swift at, and they ship everywhere, including across the Atlantic Pond.

Everything else ships to the US only. Sorry. Working on international.  But I am going to be in Holland in January, so if you want anything from the shop, I can bring it.

And please, share my shop on social media or with your friends if you think it’s worth it. I am creating more cards and prints every day, the sky is the limit now thatI finally have it set up to take credit cards … Now we’ll see whether the intrepid dame of a certain age is also an intrepid entrepreneur.

Wishing you all a great holiday season and a very fruitful 2018. Don’t get too distracted by the events of the day, do what you can and that’s the best we can all do.

—So come in, the door is open and the light is on.

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