Amsterdam by night from a moving car

Having left the carpenter and the hound behind to deal with snow and ice, I’ve been on a short sojourn in Holland — where the sun hasn’t come out since I got here two weeks ago.

On the way home from dinner with friends  in Amsterdam the other night, I was the lucky beneficiary of a bet between the driver and his partner, who have lived in or near the city for forty years,  as to whether “you can get there from here.” “Here” being the south side and “there,” Central Station for me to board a train.

Well, you could get there. But, it took a great deal of driving around, poking into the city, backtracking, and trying again.

It was a city going about its business on a not too dreary night in early February. Bridges, bikes, neon, people having drinks, people biking home, empty offices, the works. Did I mention bikes and how photogenic they are?

I loved it.

9 thoughts on “Amsterdam by night from a moving car

  1. Biddy,

    Great pictures! Hope you’re having a grand time, despite the lack of sunshine. Haven’t been in touch because I got sick Saturday–bronchitis, joy of joys.


      1. Yeah each time we read a post about the city we reminisce our time living there. One thing about living in a city is that you take things for granted. So, you probably have more photos of the city that we do! lol

  2. Thank you for reading my blog “relatively relatives”. You should also read How Erika survived the war part II and Erika’s story part III.
    Great pictures of Amsterdam. I used to live there years ago. Took you a long time to get to the central station according to the pictures!

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