Putting Spring on Ice

A cool weekend with nighttime temps in the low teens puts the bursting out of spring on ice for a moment. This is a good thing as the computer is bursting with photos and the humans are outside cleaning up the yard and cutting down firewood for the next cycle. So let’s get a move on and push that winter stuff outta here.


4 thoughts on “Putting Spring on Ice

  1. These are fabulous, as usual, Pleun. I am getting ready to send my Equinox newsletter and want to use one, including your name an a link back here to AgathaO land. I think that won’t be a problem so I will go ahead and do it, but you will tell me if it is and I will not do it again. I’ll forward you the newsletter so you can see. The main article is a kind of medtiation on Persephone’s story.


  2. WOW…those pic’s look like the opening to a grand movie. Really fab.
    I was tired when I got home from our walk, Washed the dog and her cape. Yet as tired as I was I was invigorated to split some fire wood and a bit of yard cleaning.
    “You light up my life”

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