They say no two snowflakes are the same. I’d say the same is true for autumn leaves. And those bear the marks of a lifetime of making oxygen.

Autumn Leaves (1945 —  lyrics Johhny Mercer and music Joseph Kosma). Original title Feuilles Mortes. Here performed by Chris Rogier and the Hot Strings. Chris sang this song for my mother, it was one of her favorites.  He did not usually want to sing songs with so many lyrics, as his command of English was not as he’d like it to be. But when a person has music in his soul that doesn’t matter. I don’t know when this recording was made, but it likely was done in his rehearsal studio, my bedroom from age 16 to 19. There is some distortion.

3 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. Ah…love the leaves and the music. At first I surmised maybe a tad long on song, but I made my self lay back relax and enjoyed every bit. Its was a good experience and we seem to jump,jump into the next thing as this technology boom while good has us reaching in 10 different directions all the same time.

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