Three o’clock duck

In early September in a cove on a large lake in Maine, you may watch the three o’clock duck patrol come by. And the four, five and six o’clock duck patrol. The seven o’clock duck polices the sunset, lingering during but ignoring the display of fireworks as the sun sinks below the low ridge across the water.

The night belongs to the loons with ghostly cries and laughter echoing across the lake — until the seven o’clock morning duck sweeps their dream world away with its matter-of-fact show me the money chatter about who comes first what happens where and how you can get some good bread out of unsuspecting strangers.

Duck Triptych 1

2 thoughts on “Three o’clock duck

  1. Hi Pleun: I hope your having a relaxing time and enjoying the scenery..Seems like your into the ducks for sure.
    How is Buddy doing? Has he tried to go after the ducks?
    Kealei misses her friend.
    My pond is very low and we had a visit from the Blue Heron. Not sure yet if we got any of the goldfish. The babies are starting to turn golden colors.
    We need rain. Hopefully Thursday.
    Miss you.


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