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Museum-quality folded greeting card, blank inside, of any image captioned SHOP on the blog/galleries/website. No watermark. Choose single, pack of five, pack of ten. BE SURE to put the image link and title in the NOTES else I won’t know what you want! If you want 25.  50, or 100, use the bulk order and do the same.



Museum-quality 5 x 7 folded greeting cards with blank interior, envelope included, of any photo captioned SHOP on the blog and in the galleries  Please note that the image you see there is screen-only. Printing is a separate activity: the card will not have a watermark, and its crop is likely to be slightly different. Put the page link to the image as well as the title in the NOTES with your order. If you want 25 or 100 cards, please order the Bulk Package and put the page link and title in the Notes. If you want to be extra clear, add in the blog post and/or a description. If I don’t get it, I’ll get back to you.

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